"Kozi Lasek", contact us, driving directions to Kozi Lasek

To get to Kozi Lasek target the 11 Listopada Str. in Koluszki. Coming from the overpass, on the way you will find the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, fire station and the cemetery. Last most characteristic building on the road will be Police Department building on the left, and a bit further on the right – the City Hall.
And now they exist two options:

First one, take the first turn after the Police Department building, just after te City Hall and bus stop. Go straight ahead and turn left (if you don’t take this turn a bit further you will find a former Husqvarna headquarters, today Poldem). You will be in the forest and within metres you will see our guest house.

Second option – turn left in the first road before the Police Station. Continue straight ahead and then follow to the right. You are on 38 Konopnickiej Str.

We are looking forward to hosting you.